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At the Central Oregon Junior Golf Association, we’re dedicated to helping youth in our communities develop their golf skills, confidence and passion—for the sport and themselves. Since 1993, we have provided a variety of golf tournament programs to all of our participating youth and we encourage you to join us!

2024 Registration will open on March 1st.

Anyone Can Play Golf!


5-12 years olds

Membership is FREE

A beginning-level golf experience that offers an introduction to basic knowledge of how to hit a golf ball and learn to play golf while developing athletically.


6-18 years olds

Membership is $89

Learn the basic knowledge of how to play/compete in a round of golf with a desire to learn more about the rules of the game as well as develop skills to improve as a golfer.  The format will encourage a team/social environment.


7-18 years olds

Membership is $89

For skilled, aspiring golfers who want to compete in Tournaments. Competitive level divisions often shoot in the 90s or better for 18 holes from an age appropriate yardage.  



Below, you will find the 2024 Playing and Learning Schedules.

Please click the images below to learn more about these opportunities!

2024 Playing Schedule.png
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