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Play all over with the COJGA CARD



This brand new initiative will allow COJGA members to enjoy incredibly affordable access to Central Oregon courses.  Once you have studied the Rules & Etiquette video and have passed our test, you will be recognized as a COJGA CARD member and will receive a membership card to present upon arrival at each facility - all players 12 and older are eligible and interested players that are 11 and younger will be reviewed by Coach Nate and the COJGA Board.  Privileges will be available once you receive your COJGA Card (please contact us if you would like it before the June 17th event).  Each facility will have various access plans for cardholders, but each of our partners will get you playing or practicing for $10 or less!

Always call the facility before visiting any golf course to ensure there are tee times available and the practice facilities are open. 

Please review each facilities' policies and benefits to COGJA CARD members:


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