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Central Oregon Junior Golf Association Membership and Events


Central Oregon Junior Golf Association offers a holistic and encompassing golfer development program!

Our comprehensive schedule of golf events will appeal to any level of junior golfer whether a true beginner or seasoned varsity golf player.

Competitive (INDIVIDUAL) golfers are expected to know the rules of golf.

That includes the pace of play, etiquette, specific COJGA requirements, and USGA rules. Check out these websites for information on COJGA guidelines and USGA rules.

EXPOSURE and TEAM SCRAMBLE players will be provided many learning opportunities to gain knowledge about how the game is played under traditional rules and etiquette. COJGA leans on volunteer support to help explain rules, etiquette and promote healthy learning environments.

Parents (or equivalents) are expected to volunteer at least once for every two events in which their junior participates.

We rely on volunteers, including parents, to conduct each event. Some of the volunteer jobs which need to be filled are: Registration, Shuttle drivers, Tally Scorer (review scorecards following play), Starter, Marshal and Water Delivery.  COJGA Board Members act as starters and marshals. Spectators are allowed on the course as long as they follow the Spectator Policy.

Entry into each series is determined by online golf registration.

Once the registration opens, you may sign up for all events in that series. Check the Golf Genius portal for all details.

Awards and tournament results.

Awards for players are presented following each tournament once all players of a division have signed their scorecards.  Scores will be available online once all players in the event have finished (usually that evening).

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