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Frequently Asked Questions about Central Oregon Junior Golf Association

(updated February 17, 2022)


What should I expect?

  • These golf events provide an opportunity for golfers and non-golfers to learn a skill in a fun, engaging environment.  We will cover fundamentals and movement skills in a golf context.

Q:  Do I need to attend event with my junior?

  • In order to promote learning and family buy-in, we encourage parents to be around and observe the end of the play experience alongside your junior.  This way, you can play and practice on your own and develop skills throughout the whole year.


Q:  Is my junior player ready for Central Oregon Junior Golf Association?

  • Yes!  As long as you want to be there, you are ready for COJGA!

  • For the Team Scramble and Individual competitive divisions, the expectation is that all junior golfers will be reasonably familiar with the rules of golf and how to maintain the proper pace of play.  If your junior is brand new to golf then Exposure level or one of the other local programs, such as PGA Junior League may be a better option to consider.​

Q:  How do I know which division is suitable for my junior player?

  • We have organized divisions into novice/beginner divisions and more competitive divisions. Please see below for a breakdown of the different divisions

  • Note that we have the flexibility to adjust golfers up or down based on how well they are doing during the season. As a rule of thumb, competitive divisions are generally shooting around the mid-90s or lower.


  • These events, after school programs and summer camps are exploratory and designed for skill building.

  • Any age mature enough to play well with others and can listen/engage for 60-90 minutes are welcome!

  • Generally, ages 5-12 will capture most of Exposure Level golfers.


  • Divisions will be co-ed and based on age.

  • Golf events are focused on learning how to score in fun, non-competitive team environments.

INDIVIDUAL Competitive (Age as of June 19, 2023)

  • Girls Divisions 

    • 11 and under (9 holes)

    • 11-13 (18 holes)

    • 14-18 (18 holes)​​​​​

  • Boys Divisions 

    • 9 and under (9 holes)

    • 10-11 (9 holes)

    • 12-13 (18 holes)

    • 14-18 (holes)

Q:  Can my junior play in a division they don’t qualify for age-wise?

  • Yes, juniors can play up a division if they are skilled enough to warrant it. Moving divisions will be at the discretion of the tournament director with a goal on making COJGA a beneficial experience for all golf players involved.


Q:  How much does Central Oregon Junior Golf Association cost?

  • Golfers in EXPOSURE LEVEL have a complimentary membership and each event will cost approximately $0-40.

  • For players in the COJGA Tour divisions (TEAM SCRAMBLE and INDIVIDUAL), registration is $89 and each event is $30 for 9 holes and $40 for 18 holes, which includes lunch.  MAJORS will cost $10 extra.

Q:  When will registration open?

  • Registration will open in March 1, 2023.

Q:  Do I have to register for COJGA to be able to register for a COJGA event?

  • Yes, registration for COJGA is required before registering for golf events can occur. 

  • The May 7th event at Tetherow and the September 16th event at Crooked River Ranch do not require a COJGA Tour membership to sign up.

Q:  If I register for COJGA can I later request a refund?

  • Yes, refunds for COJGA golf membership will be granted as long as the junior hasn’t played in any golf events yet.  There will be $5 taken from the registration amount to cover processing fees.

Q:  If I register for a COJGA golf event can I later request a refund?

  • Yes, refunds for COJGA golf events will be granted as long as they are made more than 7 days prior to the event.  There will be $5 taken from the registration amount to cover processing fees.

Click here to register.


Q:  What is the COJGA Cup?

For more information about how to earn points, please visit the Tournaments page.

  • The COJGA Cup is the name of the award for the Player of the Year determined by points earned in each event.  
  • This award is only given to the leading points earner in each age group of the INDIVIDUAL division. 


Q:  Do I need a membership at a local course to participate in Central Oregon Junior Golf Association

  • No, playing in COJGA is a great way for your juniors to get to play at some of the best courses in the area, including several private golf clubs, without needing to pay membership fees.

Q:  What if I can only play in one of the golf events?

  • Please e-mail if you can only play one event (we may have exemptions into the field for these situations).

Q:  Does COJGA provide golf instruction?

  • COJGA does provide golf instruction opportunities in Exposure level (LEARN TO PLAY, PLAY TO LEARN and FREE GOLF DAYS).

  • Some local options for golf instruction:

    • Junior PGA League - Offered through many of the local golf courses, involves regular training sessions as well as 2-person scramble golf events against other local juniors.  Great for beginner to intermediate golfers.

    • Private lessons through pros at many of the local golf courses - visit

Q:  Why are COJGA golf events held during the week?  It would be more convenient for me if they were on the weekend so it didn’t interfere with my work.

  • Unfortunately, golf courses are generally very busy on the weekends and it would be both difficult to schedule as well as cost prohibitive to attempt to schedule large junior golf events on the weekends.  

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