Committed to Making a Difference

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By organizing regional tournaments for competitive play, Central Oregon Junior Golf Association (COJGA) has been making a difference in kid’s lives since 1993. By encouraging personal achievement and good sportsmanship, COJGA provides opportunities to develop confidence and focus. We believe this helps to develop the values and skills young people need to become exceptional community leaders.

Level 1 - Introductory

Beginner to Novice


Membership is FREE 

Events are $20

**Parents are encouraged to learn and play with their junior golfers

Level 2 - Junior Varsity

Novice to Intermediate

Events are shorter and focus on SCORING while LEARNING COMPETITION

Membership is $80

Events are $30

**Parents are encouraged to help score, shuttle, caddy and answer rules questions for their junior golfers

Level 3 - Varsity

Competitive (9 and 18 holes)

Events are COMPETITIVE and on par with State, Regional and National Jr. Golf Associations

Membership is $80

Events are $30 (9 holes) and $40 (18 holes)

**Parents are encouraged to support their junior golfers from a distance (spectating only)


11U Boys (9 holes)

14U Boys (18 holes)

17U Boys (18 holes)

11U Girls (9 holes)

14U Girls (18 holes)

17U Girls (18 holes)

**Graduating seniors may play even if they are 18. 

Eligibility for COJGA Varsity competition

Varsity players are expected to be able to play a round of golf in a timely manner with a thorough understanding of the rules and etiquette of golf.  Players should be able to shoot better than double bogey on average from their age appropriate yardage.


Level 1 - Eleven events ranging from exposure clinics to short game challenges and the famous Drive, Chip and Putt qualifier

Level 2 - Seven events ranging from scrambles to par 3 contests to team stroke play events

Level 3 - Seven events ranging from individual stroke play tournaments to team match play events

Note:  You may register for events that are less advanced than your registered level (i.e. if you are a junior varsity player, you may sign up for Level 1 events and if you are a varsity player, you may sign up for any event).

Volunteer information

A parent (or representative) is expected to volunteer at least once every two tournaments in which a junior participates.