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*BRAND NEW* COJGA Card program - junior golf course access!

New Program Offers Junior Golfers Affordable Access to Local Golf Courses 

Central Oregon Junior Golf Association (COJGA) is excited to announce the launch of the brand-new COJGA Card access program for 2024. This innovative program, included with all Playing Memberships or available for separate purchase at $59, offers young golfers affordable access to golf facilities in the region.

The COJGA Card allows participants to play and practice at our partner facilities, including Crooked River Ranch, Juniper Golf Course, Meadow Lakes, Quail Run, and Widgi Creek, at a wonderfully affordable rate for greens fees ($5-10) and range fees ($2-3).

To earn the right to use the COJGA Card unaccompanied, all participants must complete an orientation process. This includes watching an instructional video and passing a related quiz. Players aged 12 and older are eligible, while interested players aged 11 and younger will be reviewed by Coach Nate and the COJGA Board to determine eligibility. Privileges begin once orientation is completed and participants will receive their COJGA Card.

"We are thrilled to introduce the COJGA Card Program, which opens up opportunities for junior golfers to access the game of golf all over Central Oregon," said Coach Nate Kitt. "We are confident that this program will promote a deeper love and respect for the game, as well as foster growth in children’s independence, maturity, self-confidence, and integrity."

COJGA emphasizes that maintaining good etiquette and respect for partner facilities is crucial. If corrective action is necessary due to inappropriate behavior, participants may lose the privilege of using the COJGA Card. This program represents a tremendous privilege and opportunity for junior golfers, and COJGA is committed to ensuring that participants understand and respect the responsibilities that come with this access.

For more information about the COJGA Card Program, please visit our website at or contact us directly.


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