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Encouraging Young People to Foster a Love and Respect for the Game of Golf

2023 Title Sponsor


Junior Golf Program
Central Oregon

Since 1993, the Central Oregon Junior Golf Association (COJGA) in Bend, Oregon has served our local community by promoting golf as a vehicle for growth for our young people. Being a junior golfer encourages young people to foster a love and respect for the game of golf, for their competitors and for themselves. We believe that healthy golfing competitions and sportsmanship will foster growth in a child's maturity, self-confidence and integrity. We are your only comprehensive junior golf association in Bend, Redmond, Madras, Sisters, Prineville and Sunriver, Oregon

Anyone Can Play Golf!


5-12 years olds

Membership is FREE

A beginning-level golf experience that offers an introduction to basic knowledge of how to hit a golf ball and learn to play golf while developing athletically.


6-18 years olds

Membership is $89

Learn the basic knowledge of how to play/compete in a round of golf with a desire to learn more about the rules of the game as well as develop skills to improve as a golfer.  The format will encourage a team/social environment.


7-18 years olds

Membership is $89

For skilled, aspiring golfers who want to compete in Tournaments. Competitive level divisions often shoot in the 90s or better for 18 holes from an age appropriate yardage. 


The Central Oregon Junior Golf Association has a large membership base of junior golfers ages 5-18 and conducts more than 50 tournaments annually. Our mission is to provide junior golfers with a first-class, low cost competitive and fun golfing tournament experience through events hosted year-round at some of Central Oregon's best golf courses. We strive to provide opportunities to those juniors who possess the potential skill and aspirations to compete at the high school or collegiate level, in addition to those who are new to the game.



Building character through competition with seasonal golf tournaments.



Registration for the 2023 COJGA season opens on March 1st. 

Our golf motto — Grow With Golf — has become our community's foundational pillar for junior golf development. Our golfing programs start in the exposure series where young people become golfers and these golfers become better people!  

When our young golfers gain enough confidence and skills, we encourage them to keep playing and learning! Our event golfing schedule includes everything from learning golf rules and etiquette on a short golf course to golfing events where novices can learn to compete in a friendly, team-based format. The most advanced players will play tournament golf to gain the experience necessary to compete at the higher levels of regional and high school golf tournaments. 

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